Typical Development 7 to 12 Months of Age Episode 36

On this Episode I talk about the typical developmental milestones for the ages of 7-12 months.

Protective Extension of Arms Backward

Whole Hand Grasp Development

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 – United States

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Transition to School Episode 34

On this episode I talk about the transition from Early Intervention to Early Childhood, and the transition from summer to back to school for parents, teachers, and therapists.

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Sensory Over-Stimulation Episode 31 Developmental Milestones

On this episode, I discuss what happens when people become Over-stimulated due to sensory processing issues.

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Sensory Processing
Developmental Milestones
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Toothbrushing and Sensory Processing Issues Episode 30

On this episode, I discuss issues with toothbrushing in kids with Sensory Processing sensitivities. The topic includes brushing teeth and home and at the dentist office.

Research Study:
American Journal of Occupational Therapy, September/October 2012, Vol. 66, e73-e76. doi:10.5014/ajot.2012.004085

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Nuk Brush for Oral Motor Skills

Nuk brush is great for introducing oral motor stimulation to kids with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Jigglers for Oral Motor Activities

These cute animals vibrate when you twist the handle/post. Kids can use them to stimulate their mouth for awareness, or use them to help become desensitized through the vibrations.

Jumbo Nuts and Bolts Set for Fine Motor Skills

This game is great for bilateral skills – using both hands together to turn the pieces. Wrist control and hand coordination is used to twist the pieces to come off or go back on.

Sleep in Children with Sensory Processing Issues Episode 27

On this episode, I discuss the topic of sleep in children with sensory processing issues. Many kids who have sensory issues will have a difficult time falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. I discuss some strategies to try when you have a child who has trouble sleeping due to sensory issues.

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Sensory Squeezee Bed Sheets for Sleeping: http://www.sensorystretchyz.com/
AJOT article abstract:
American Journal of Occupational Therapy, May 2015, Vol. 69, 6904220040p1-6904220040p8. doi:10.5014/ajot.2015.015891
Dream Pad: https://dreampadsleep.com/2017/04/effective-sleep-aid-for-children-with-sensory-processing-disorder/

Sensory Processing Disorder
Infant and Child Development
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Senseez Vibrating Pillow

Senseez vibrating pillows for kids with sensory processing disorder that benefit from the vibration as a means of deep pressure stimulation. Helps with body awareness and calming sensations.