Interview with Jill Loftus OT from HonestOT Episode 45

On this episode of the Milestones podcast, I have a discussion and interview with Jill Loftus, MS, OTR/L.  She is an Occupational Therapist in the Denver, Colorado area who works with kids ages birth – 8 years old.  We discuss the pros and cons of Occupational Therapy home visits versus clinic visits with kids from a therapists’ perspective.

Sorry for any glitches in the audio! This was my first experience editing an interview so there are some places where things are off just a bit! And just some funny phone sounds coming through! Bear with me!

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Grasp Development in Kids Episode 38

Today I will discuss the development of grasp from infants to kids as it relates to preparing for handwriting activities.

Grasp Website:
Greutman, Heather, et al. “Typical Pencil Grasp Development for Kids.” Growing Hands-On Kids, 21 June 2017, Accessed 5 Sept. 2017.

Grasp Development Website:

Research Article:
Dennis, Julie L; Swinth, Yvonne. “Pencil Grasp and Children’s Handwriting Legibility During Different-Length Writing Tasks”. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, March/April 2001, Vol. 55, 175-183. doi:10.5014/ajot.55.2.175

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Vibrating Item for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

For kids with Sensory Issues! They may love the vibration and seek out that sensation for deep pressure on their arms and legs. If they don’t like the sensation, it may be something to work towards.

Sensory Over-Stimulation Episode 31 Developmental Milestones

On this episode, I discuss what happens when people become Over-stimulated due to sensory processing issues.

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Sensory Processing
Developmental Milestones
Child Development

Toothbrushing and Sensory Processing Issues Episode 30

On this episode, I discuss issues with toothbrushing in kids with Sensory Processing sensitivities. The topic includes brushing teeth and home and at the dentist office.

Research Study:
Stein, Leah I., et al. “Oral Care and Sensory Concerns in Autism.” American Journal of Occupational Therapy, American Occupational Therapy Association, 1 Sept. 2012, Accessed 6 Sept. 2017.

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Nuk Brush for Oral Motor Skills

Nuk brush is great for introducing oral motor stimulation to kids with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Jigglers for Oral Motor Activities

These cute animals vibrate when you twist the handle/post. Kids can use them to stimulate their mouth for awareness, or use them to help become desensitized through the vibrations.

Sleep in Children with Sensory Processing Issues Episode 27

On this episode, I discuss the topic of sleep in children with sensory processing issues. Many kids who have sensory issues will have a difficult time falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. I discuss some strategies to try when you have a child who has trouble sleeping due to sensory issues.

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Sensory Squeezee Bed Sheets for Sleeping:
AJOT article abstract:

Vasak, Mark, et al. “Sensory Processing and Sleep in Typically Developing Infants and Toddlers.” American Journal of Occupational Therapy, American Occupational Therapy Association, 1 July 2015, Accessed 6 Sept. 2017.

Dream Pad:

Sensory Processing Disorder
Infant and Child Development
Occupational Therapy

Time Tracker Visual Timer

This is an excellent timer for using with kids with special needs, visual processing issues, Interoceptive Issues, Autism, Sensory Processing, and actually any toddler who is learning about time and transitions!
Great visual cues with sounds to give a concrete ending to the timer!