Occupational Therapy

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Honest Occupational Therapy
Denver, Colorado
Pediatric occupational therapy providing in home services, webinars and a website full of resources for parents, caregivers, children and teachers children birth to 8 years old.

Providing support services for children birth to 8 years old in regards to their gross motor, fine motor, visual motor/perceptual skills, self help and sensory processing development. Services include customized in home therapy session, group opportunities, webinars on child development and speaking engagements.

Sense-Able Connections
Boulder, CO
Occupational therapist specializing in children birth-8. At sense-able connections we use a child’s innate abilities to access brain neuroplasticity and help them reach their fullest potential.

By honing in on each sense, we work to improve a child’s motor skills, sensory perception and processing to facilitate successful learning, whether behavioral or academic.
Our brain has the ability to change throughout our lifetime and by creating new pathways, the brain grows and organizes itself to function efficiently. At Sense-able Connections we tap into the brain’s plasticity by using different sensory-based methods and integrating primitive reflexes through exercise and client specific movement.
Our approach fosters sequential neurological development and processing, which leads to long term improvements in social behavior, academic and motor learning, physical and emotional health and overall function.
We use sensory integration alongside other therapeutic protocols and evidence based practices to help children make better sense of their world.