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Milestones Amazon Page

Hey guys! Now you can click on the link above to see all of the products that I recommend or suggest to parents and professionals!!  I am still adding more so check back every day!

Play With Your Food Book Now Available on Amazon!!!

My book is now available on and Amazon Europe!! Click on the picture to take you to the Amazon store where you can purchase it for only $6.50 USD!! Free Shipping for Amazon Prime Members!
Contact me if you don’t have access to Amazon and I will help you get one. Send an email to and let me know!

Abilitations Handi-Writer Set on Amazon

These are handy little items for kids with weak grasp or low endurance for writing activities.  They are also helpful for kids that have trouble closing their last 2-3 fingers to hold the pencil with only their thumb and first finger or thumb, index, and middle fingers.

Ultimate Calming Multi-color Gravity Bubble Drop Liquid Motion

One example of a visually stimulating toy that can be calming for kids with visual sensory processing issues.  It can give them something to focus on that will block out other types of stimulation temporarily.

Boppy Pillow for Nursing and Tummy Time

You can use these boppy pillows for nursing, but you can also use them for tummy time!  Just place the baby with their tummy over the pillow and their feet in the middle of the circle.  They can push up on their forearms, or just lay with their tummy or chest over the pillow and practice lifting and resting their head!

Milliard Anti Burst Peanut Ball 23″

These are great for working on tummy time, prone positions for head and neck strengthening with kids, sitting balance, vestibular stimulation, and core activities and so much more!

Sensory Tool Kit for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder


This is just one example of a toolkit for having “on hand” for kids with sensory processing issues.  A variety of fidget type toys can be helpful for getting the child to sit still longer than they usually like to!

Dew Drops Water Beads for Tactile Sensory Play

These water beads can be a great tactile sensory play item!  Parents should supervise their children when they are playing with these!

The First Years Stacking (Nesting) Cups for Toddlers


These cups are great for toddler development.  Problem solving skills for figuring out how to put them together, color recognition and understanding, counting, etc.