Table Top Scissors for One Handed Use

These table top scissors are great for kids who want to use scissors but have a difficult time holding both the paper and the scissors at the same time, and in a coordinated manner. The kids can hold the paper up in place at the scissors, and just push down on the lever to make them cut. A great tool which can help them be independent with a difficult fine motor task.

One handed button hook

These are handy little devices for those people who have trouble managing buttons on your clothing using two hands! It will help pull the buttons through each button hole in your shirt using only one hand to get it done.

Ark’s Honey Bear Straw Drinking Cup

This is a great tool for teaching toddlers how to drink from a straw. The straw will hold the liquid up in the straw so they can be more successful in getting the liquid out. You can adjust how far up the straw the liquid will go and stay depending on their skill level.
It also has a lip blocker attachment that helps keep their lips and tongue in the correct position for drinking and swallowing.

Melissa & Doug Wooden 1″ Blocks

These little wooden blocks are the perfect size for toddlers! They can easily hold onto the blocks, and build towers, trains, or whatever else they can think of! The letters and pictures on the sides are great for encouraging language development as well!

Weighted Sensory Lap Pad

Weighted lap pads can be a calming strategy to use with kids who are feeling fidgety and wound up or anxious. The weight on their lap can provide some deep pressure which could be enough to make them feel calm and ready to sit and learn.

Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers

These chewable pencil toppers are great for those kids who feel the need to chew on things like pencils, pens, clothing, etc. These are meant for chewing and biting to help fulfill the sensory need. Use with supervision and discard at the first sign of wear and tear.

Gymnic Disc-O-Sit Inflatable Seat Cushion

This inflatable disc seat cushion can be used with kids who have that need to keep moving while they are sitting in one place! The disc can be used at home or in school for kids to sit longer while eating meals or doing school work at their desk. Also, great for circle time with the younger kids who need their own space to sit during this group activity.
The discs are lightweight, durable, and very easy to use!

Take N Toss Straw Cups

Take N Toss straw cups are great for teaching kids how to drink from a straw. You can give the cup a little squeeze and some of the liquid will come up through the straw. It is not completely spill proof, but usually only a little will spill out if it gets tipped over. They are light weight and easy for little hands to hold as well.