Visual Sensory Processing Episode 9 Special Needs Topics

On this show I discuss Visual Sensory Processing as it relates to kids. Visual Sensory Processing is explained in detail, plus suggestions are given for things to look for with these kids and how to possibly help them when appropriate.

Sun Shade for Strollers: Sun Shade for Strollers

Sensory Processing
Child Development
Special Needs

Kids Indoor Play Tent for Sensory Breaks

This is just one example of so many types of indoor kids play tents that you can use for kids who just need a quiet place to get away and take a break when they are feeling overstimulated. It can be calming for kids who have issues with Auditory Processing, Visual Sensory Processing, and Tactile Sensory Processing, or it can just be a fun place to play!

Abilitations Cozy Shades Softening Light Filters

I have not personally installed these before, but I know of people that have used them both in schools and in their own homes to dampen the lights for kids who are sensitive to bright lights.