Big Berkey Water Filter System for Healthy Living


The Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System is amazing!! It holds 2.25 ounces of purified water.  I own this filter and can attest to the difference in how the water tastes compared to regular tap water or any of the other water filters I have tried in the past.

This filter comes with two elements that actually purify the water by removing 100% of pathogens!  It also comes with 2 fluoride filters that can reduce the amount of fluoride in your water by 95%!

The system is approximately 19″ tall so it does not fit into my refrigerator.  We have a place for it on the kitchen counter and it works great!

Fine Motor Pegs and Pegboard Toy

Excellent Fine Motor toy for Toddlers! Also great for sorting, color matching, color labeling and recognition, etc.

Autism Speaks Offering Tele Learning Program for Parents


Parents of children who have recently been diagnosed with Autism can check out this upcoming web conference for free!



Jigglers by Abilitations are a Great Oral Motor Item for Toddlers

These “Jigglers” are cute and functional! Twist the bottom half and the Jigglers will vibrate adding an extra amount of oral motor stimulation. Great for toddlers who are teething or who love to mouthe toys!


Chewy Necklaces for Oral Sensory Needs

These silicone necklaces are great for kids that like to chewy on their clothes, toys, and any objects that may not be appropriate for chewing, plus they look cute! They are BPA free. You can see more color options by clicking on the picture and linking to Amazon.

Great Cause & Effect Toy for Preschoolers

This is one of my favorite toys for teaching cause and effect with preschoolers!  It also teaches skills like: putting toys in, pressing a lever, and turning a dial to make sounds.  When you push the lever down, the toy lights up and music plays at the same time one of the balls spins through the inside of the toy and rolls out of the bottom right in front of the child.  You can turn the lights and sound off to simplify the cause and effect to the lever and ball if you want.  However, kids usually love learning how to make the lights and music play!


Baby Safe Feeders are Excellent for Early Feeding Skills

These feeders are great for little ones learning how to feed themselves, but without the fear of them choking! You just open it up, place a small amount of food inside, close and latch the end, and let them start tasting.  Excellent for things like peaches, pears, steak, chicken, or even ice cubes (for teething)!

Awesome Fine Motor Toy for Kids

Sort and match the pieces by color and shape.  You can also work on counting each stack of colors!