Auditory Processing Disorder Episode 40

On this episode, I talk about Auditory Processing versus Typical Toddler “Ignoring”.  This is a question so many parents of toddles with auditory processing issues have!  It can be difficult to tell if kids are acting certain ways because of sensory issues or just typical toddler behaviors.

Research Article
Ahn, R. R., Miller, L. J., Milberger, S., & McIntosh, D. N. (2004). Prevalence of parents’ perceptions of sensory processing disorders among kindergarten children. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 58, 287–293.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD Episode 39

On this episode, I talk about the criteria for receiving a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  I am not qualified to diagnose anyone with Autism, but I can help you recognize some of the possible symptoms, and describe what the criteria for the diagnosis mean.

CDC Autism Diagnostic Criteria:
“Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 Apr. 2016, Accessed 12 Sept. 2017.

Autism Speaks Diagnostic Criteria for Autism:
“DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria.” Autism Speaks, 28 July 2013, Accessed 12 Sept. 2017.


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Grasp Development in Kids Episode 38

Today I will discuss the development of grasp from infants to kids as it relates to preparing for handwriting activities.

Grasp Website:
Greutman, Heather, et al. “Typical Pencil Grasp Development for Kids.” Growing Hands-On Kids, 21 June 2017, Accessed 5 Sept. 2017.

Grasp Development Website:

Research Article:
Dennis, Julie L; Swinth, Yvonne. “Pencil Grasp and Children’s Handwriting Legibility During Different-Length Writing Tasks”. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, March/April 2001, Vol. 55, 175-183. doi:10.5014/ajot.55.2.175

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Weighted Lap Pad

Weighted lap pads are a great addition to your child’s sensory diet needs. It can help provide deep pressure / proprioceptive input to help them feel calm.

Autism Engagement and Joint Attention Information Episode 37

On this episode I talk about ways to make connections with kids who have Autism both at home and in clinic or school settings.

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Research Article:
Kinnealey, M., Pfeiffer, B., Miller, J., Roan, C., Shoener, R., & Ellner, M. L. (2012). Effect of classroom modification on
attention and engagement of students with autism or dyspraxia. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66,

Autism Teacher Tip Sheet:

Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

These walkers are perfect for the 7-18 month age range, where they are learning to pull to stand, and start taking some steps forward with assistance.

Typical Development 7 to 12 Months of Age Episode 36

On this Episode I talk about the typical developmental milestones for the ages of 7-12 months.

Protective Extension of Arms Backward

Whole Hand Grasp Development

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 – United States

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Infant Play Mat for Developmental Milestones

These mats are great for 0-6 months age range. You can use them for gross motor, fine motor, vision, cognitive, and language skills.

Typical Developmental Milestones Birth to 6 months Old – Episode 35

On this episode I discuss typical development for birth – 6 month old babies. What are developmental milestones, developmental delays, and what is typical development?

ATNR Reflex:
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Transition to School Episode 34

On this episode I talk about the transition from Early Intervention to Early Childhood, and the transition from summer to back to school for parents, teachers, and therapists.

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Early Childhood
Occupational Therapy